What is AD5 and what do you do?

You most likely already have a pretty good idea about what we do from browsing our site. If not, no problem, here you go. AD5 or Agency Digital 5 is a business to business, full service online marketing company. Based in BC Canada AD5 serves both local and national organizations and business. Agency Digital 5’s primarily specializes in Search Engine Optimization. Using our proven formula, we can drastically improve a websites visibility on Google and Bing search results. Many time’s ranking clients sites page 1 and position 1 for their targeted keywords.

What is SEO and how is it benificial to my organization?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization in shot is a form or process of acquiring traffic naturally from internet search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. When users type terms in search the engine’s job is to best match websites as relevant to those terms as possible. Additionally, results are also based on the websites quality and popularity. Searchers nowadays want answers, solutions or services fast and without to much hassle or research. Naturally they want to find what they are looking for on the first page of search results. Positioning your company’s site on page 1 will drastically increase your organizations exposure, traffic and ultimately revenues.

Is SEO better than Google Adwords?

There are many ways to get your company and brand exposure online. Display ads, Facebook Ads, Ad Words, Media Buys etc. PPC or Pay Per Click type advertising can be very effective and also very costly. SEO, in many cases offer a far better ROI over AdWords and still offers the same if not better results. Most searchers are more inclined to click on the natural search results over the Ad’s at the top. A well executed internet marketing campaign would usually consist of a mixture of these strategies with a primary focus on SEO. AD5 can help your business set-up the perfect campaign for optimal results and return on investment.

What do you charge for your marketing and SEO services?

AD5 has no set pricing or “SEO packages”. These make no sense as every business and organization is different. Some have had SEO and just need a little boost while some have never touched SEO and require a complete ground up campaign. Pricing will be a direct result of targeted keywords and their competitive value, site size, geo or national targeting and other variables. AD5’s unique pricing structure allows most any business to get in the door with our flexible plans. Set your budget and we will work with in it, or let us recommend a budget for optimal results. For more information you can request a free consultation on on Get Started Page.

Do you guarantee my website will dominate top positions in search?

With the exception of your site, your competitors will be working on improving their rankings and positions as well. Furthermore, Google is forever changing and improving it’s search algorithms as there are many factors that can affect search results.

If a SEO company is offering any kind of guarantee they really have no base for it, as no one can accurately entail what the competitors will be investing or what Google’s next move will be. SEO is a work in progress and the focus should be on current results and positions as well as overall results and ROI.

AD5 has a very flexible pricing structure. Not all budgets can achieve 1st page rankings straight away and will require SEO over a longer period of time. We can however guarantee you will see powerful, positive results from our services.

Why should I partner with AD5?

With so many companies offering SEO why should I choose Agency Digital 5? AD5 takes pride in what we do and is proud of the quality of service we offer. We stand behind our powerful strategies and are excited to help our clients become truly successful online. Our workflow is backed by safe, quality tactics and content. We closely follow Google’s best practices and current updates. You care and so should your digital marketing provider.

How should I select the best SEO company to partner with?

There are many companies doing SEO. At the end of the day you should focus on whats important. Results, customer service, value. How did you find your SEO company? Was it a Facebook ad or google Adwords? Or was it on Google search? If your SEO company of choice is not ranking their own site can they rank yours? Would you hire a internet marketing agency that says they can rank your site or has actually ranked there own site. I am guessing your found AD5 through Google search because we believe if we can’t rank our own site how can we rank our customers. It’s good to ensure your SEO company of choice has backing in some form to show you they are reputable. Sadly there are many low budget SEO’s that are producing dodgy work and damaging peoples business along the way. We are confident in our services and why we have a no contract policy. We work hard to ensure our client retention is earned through trust and results.

Are your services safe on a new website?

Absolutely. Each clients SEO campaign is custom tailored, planned and executed. New sites require solid on-page, a foundation of quality citations and links. Strategically building quality links is a must as too many too fast can quickly rase flags and violate google best practices.

How long does SEO take? I want to get rich now not tomorrow.

Before committing to any SEO service from any SEO company you must understand that search optimization takes patience. It is imperative that your campaign is executed in a natural fashion. It’s very rare for a business to all of a sudden get slammed with sites linking to them and heaps of random low quality links from non-relevant websites. Google is smart, and they will know what you are up to. Links must be built in a natural fashion and backed by social re-enforcements. In most cases it can take a few months for you to start seeing results. As your site gains strength and authority we can boost your campaign for even stronger positive positioning. Watch as your site climbs in ranking, surpassing your competitors.

What is different from local SEO and National SEO?

Basically local SEO is where we primarily target a local audience, usually within a particular city. Where National we are targeting a audience on a national level. For example plumber joe operates out of Burnaby but just wants to target burnaby and Vancouver BC as he is a local business. His plumbing wholesaler is a national business who needs to target customers all across Canada. Many brands and ecommerce stores will be seeking SEO on a national level.

What are keywords and why do they matter?

Keywords matter! In fact they are a vital aspect to each and every SEO campaign. It is necessary to find keywords that will attract the right type of visitor while getting the highest ROI. If Ace computer store is trying to rank on Google for “Computers” they will be targeting a very broad, aggressive keyword that will attract anyone typing computers. While if they targeted “computer store” or “computer for sale” they would achieve a far better ROI as people typing “computer store” are most likely looking to buy a computer. Many times it’s not about picking a high volume keyword but a keyword that is laser targeted to your industry and location.

As my SEO campaign progresses will you provide any reports?

Yes. We provide monthly reports. Many clients will just want to see their current positions and movements. Other clients want more detailed reports and analytics. We can custom tailor your reports to include or exclude data.

We are building a new site or conducting a re-design. Should we consider implementing SEO before or after completion?

If you are doing website maintenance, re-designing, re-writing or building from scratch. Engaging a SEO expert before and during is critical. It’s important to retain or improve upon your old sites SEO efforts. You new site can quickly tank in rankings soon after going live from simply ignoring your on-page optimization. We can build your business a modern responsive site or work with your web design team to ensure you are optimized along the way.

After my site is ranking #1 can I discontinue my ongoing SEO efforts?

It takes time and hard work to reach #1 positions. Problem is everyone want’s be be number 1. After reaching first position you will need to maintain your ongoing SEO efforts to ensure your competitors don’t steal your glory. After reaching top positions we can usually dial your campaign down help you maintain your current positions.

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