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What would a steady flow of targeted leads

do for your company?

Results Driven SEO

Any SEO company can rank keywords. But only good SEO’s can rank real, targeted keywords with volume, and in any market. Could this explain the vast range of SEO pricing? What do you wish to gain by investing in SEO? Increased rankings? Or increased sales, leads, and revenue? When we look at SEO we look at what matters most, return on investment and increased business. 

Why Search Engine Optimization? SEO to this day still offers one of the best marketing ROI’s in the industry. If you are looking for a way to acquire new customers, SEO is hard to beat. Like other marketing channels, SEO puts your business in front of people who are actively searching for your particular service or product. These is the highest quality leads you can get with the exception of referrals which are still king. 

Target audience

Advertising is visible only to potential customers, the target audience is controlled

Market research

Contextual advertising will allow you to identify the needs of the target audience

Saving money

If the user follows the pay per click link, then the owner of the resource pays for each such transition

Time saving

The launch of the advertising campaign takes place within 1-3 days

Getting the most from SEO requires ninja optimizing

What does it take to dominate the search engines? Google’s search algorithm asses well over 200 key indicators to determine how relevant your site and content are. Cleaning up a website for search will help satisfy Googles bots and reward you with high positions in search.

But what exactly goes into “satisfying” Google’s Bots? Well your website needs to offer searchers a great experience, with fast site speeds and good relevant content. It needs to connect with other like minded websites, and it needs to live a active health lifestyle. After-all, it’s Googles job to serve the best content and user experience possible. Does Google love your site?

We have all been told that in this day and age, you must have a business website. But have you ever asked why? Why invest in a nice website if it’s no more than a digital business card. 

Company websites are only part of the equation. To get the most of your website you need to treat it as a digital sales machine. Or a lead generating magnet. 

You website has to been seen. Seen by prospects actively searching for your companies services. This is the power of SEO. Get your website in front of Google searchers and watch the phone start ringing month after month.

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